Algae control

An effective solution for algae and biofilm control in ponds, pools and technology equipment.

Our principle of algae and biofilm control is based on an environmentally friendly methodology called The Water Trifecta© with three sound principles, which work in synchronicity. Increased oxygen levels keep the bacteria active consuming the excess nutrients that cause algae blooms.

An ultrasound algae control transducer kills the majority of the algae types that are prone to blooming in a pond. Beneficial bacteria added to your pond consume the nutrients and suspended solids.

This comprehensive strategy makes it possible to effectively reduce and even stop algae blooms and biofilm growth in ponds, pools, tanks, basins and other water management equipment.

All of our products are connected as a perfectly working ecosystem, which offers proactive and long-term solution for our customers.

Our services:

  • Pond, pool or tank water analysis – diagnostics of the water body, which kind of algae are problematic, biological and chemical analysis of water
  • Modelling of the water body – the placement of an ultrasound transducer and aeration diffusers into the water body, defining of biofilm, green algae and blue-green algae control zones and aeration zones, type of transducer and aerators.
  • Installation of technology – design work, planning and building permits, construction work, pilot testing, final approval of water structure, evaluation


Ultrasound works on blue-green algae and green algae and biofilm. Low power ultrasound does not provoke a toxic response from blue-green algae. In all cases, algae reproduction is quickly controlled in an eco-friendly way. Ultrasound has been proven time and time again to be extremely safe for fish and other aquatic wildlife. You might note that our ultrasonic units are frequency tuned to damage just the cellular wall of the algae.

  • Principle for biofilm – the ultrasonic signature gives the bacteria-creating biofilm a sense of turbulence. In nature, they do not colonize turbulent areas. So, with the proper amount of ultrasound, they do not grow on the walls of the equipment.
  • Principle for blue-green algae – the algae sense the vibration from the ultrasound as water turbulence and not a physical or chemical change. Ultrasound causes internal damage as blue-green algae gas vesicles are broken. The former causes the cells to sink due to a loss of buoyancy. Sinking blue-green algae simply prevents them from getting sufficient light, so their growth slows and they quickly stop reproducing.
  • Principle for green algae – Ultrasound causes internal damage as the plasmalemma inner cell wall linings of green algae are separated from the outer sheath. That interrupts the food and waste transfer in and out of the cell and algae starts to die slowly. Once the plasmalemma is torn from the outer sheath and an internal cell pressure cannot be maintained, bacteria invade the cell and begin eating it from the inside.

Why use low power ultrasound technology?

  • Environmentally friendly
  • No generation of by products
  • No genetic mutation of survivors
  • Simple to install
  • Very little maintenance required
  • No chemicals or additives needed
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Relatively inexpensive to purchase
  • Large water bodies are no problem

Further services

  • Design services
  • Monitoring
  • Supervision

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Oxygen intake and its perfect distribution in a water column is important mainly for microbial activity, which keeps the ecosystem in balance and consumes nutrients from mostly anthropogenic activity. Massive growth of algae causes the creation of anoxic zones in ponds, distortion of ecosystem balance and fish death.

Why use Airmax aeration technology?

  • Effective technology
  • Silent compressors
  • Efficient system for shallow and also deep ponds
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Relatively inexpensive to purchase



If the ecosystem is not in balance, pond eutrophication appears. For balance restoration it is necessary to install ultrasound equipment for algae elimination, aeration to maintain high oxygen levels and dose missing bacteria for nutrient competition and predation. This bacteria augmentation reduces nutrients in sediments but also nutrients in the water column causing higher water turbidity.

Why use bacteria augmentation?

  • Easy dosing
  • Tested effect on muck reduction and improved water clarity
  • Relatively inexpensive to purchase
  • Safe for all aquatic and domestic life