Transducers with one sonic head, ultrasound in two directions from the source gives a figure-of-eight shape in the pond. Good for smaller ponds or water equipment.



Transducers with two sonic heads, ultrasound in four directions from source gives a circular shape in a pond. Good for big ponds or water equipment.


Connecting more than one transducer allows whole lakes and ponds to be covered by the ultrasound. The small red dots are zones for controlling biofilm, the green zones are controlling green algae, and the big blue zones are blue-green algae control zones, the diameter of these algae control zones is approx. 800 meters.

Possible photovoltaic energy source

Ground mounted solar panels

  • Installed at the bank of the pond
  • Battery included
  • Connected with ultrasound devices by an underwater wire fixed to the bottom of the lake
  • Good position for collecting solar energy


Pontoon solar panels

  • Directly connected into one piece with ultrasound transducer
  • Floating construction
  • Wireless
  • Good position for collecting solar energy