Cost-effective solutions for zonal groundwater sampling

Aquifer stratification strongly contributes to contaminant migration. This led us to developing costeffective ways for taking zonal groundwater samples: a system of independent micropumps.

The conventional approach to remediation – taking samples from open-screen wells and creating colour contamination maps – is not sufficient for planning successful in-situ remediation projects.

Detailed site description including vertical profiles of contamination in soil air (MIP or similar) and groundwater (micropumps) are a must for any in-situ injection.


  • Time saver
    Simultaneous sampling of up to 5 micropumps
  • Economic drilling
    Only 40 mm in diameter
  • Horizons properly sealed
    Vertical stratification
    Detailed water quality information
  • Cost-effective
    Cheaper than normal casing
  • Unlimited number of horizons

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