Water management

Complete services for closed water systems, self-operating sites and other customers.

  • Water management studies and projects water management and runoff condition studies, feasibility studies, project and investment plans, project planning for all stages of the permitting process
  • Rainwater management analysis of current rainwater management method, rainfall-runoff balance, accumulation, infiltration, reinfiltration, vegetative roofs, design of rainwater final treatment, water management design, funding
  • Water management at self-operating sites water balance, optimising water use, finding reserver, new alternative water sources, design wastewater recycling systems, funding


  • Design of small water reservoirs, elaboration of manipulation and operational guidelines
  • Modification and revitalisation of small watercourses
  • Water retention in the landscape
  • Flood protection and prevention
  • Erosion control measures
  • Assessment of grant options for funding
  • Preparation of international grant projects – Horizont 2020, LIFE+